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Our luxury hotel in Guadalajara

Presidente InterContinental stands out among the best hotels in Guadalajara

We know that a trip is a unique and unrepeatable experience, in which an investment is made. For this reason, at Presidente InterContinental we have services, amenities and facilities that make us stand out among the best hotels in Guadalajara, so that your visit to this city is completely pleasant and we can exceed your expectations.

Among the luxurious hotels in Guadalajara

Our rooms are equipped with luxurious and comfortable furniture, as well as modern designs that will make you feel at home. Our restaurants are spacious and are operated by highly trained and experienced staff, who take it upon themselves to offer you delicious dining experiences. We also have spaces for your recreation, such as a swimming pool and gym, as well as rooms where you can organize successful corporate and social events.

We invite you to book with us during your next trip to Guadalajara, so that you can verify that we are your best lodging alternative in the Perla Tapatía, thanks to our exclusive amenities and services, as well as the best panoramic views of the city from your room, through which you will not need anything and you will feel at home.